I actually sent this to a new local Google advertising client of mine ( I subcontract to web designers) a moment ago and thought it prudent to repost here:

Here’s what needs to happen before we can start on your Local SEO:

We (the client and me/us) need to research what keyword phrase to target.

I can take suggestions from them (what do they *think* they want to rank for) THEN plug those into several keyword tools to garner our best guess (I know that’s not what you or the client wants to hear but big G does NOT reveal exact #’s on exact querys)

Then we pick from that research. I *could* just “Pick A Target” based on my experience

We need to make the client happy…

Here’s a potential problem: the client typically wants to rank for what THEY think people are searching for… often the client has no clue (not unlike a person who wants to sell their home but is asking for an unrealistic selling price)

OR… the client wants to rank for everything under the sun… not good

The way Google “passes out” Google trust is like this:

A) you gotta rank for SOMETHING before you can rank for anything
B) sell one thing… but sell it well
C) AFTER and only after you rank for the first “target” (which is what I call keywords, they’re targets to me), THEN we tackle what I call an “adjacent keyword phrase” and I’ll explain why:

It takes Googlebot roughly 6 weeks to index the entire planet/ every country, every language… that’s a baseline
It takes 6 MORE weeks to compare the baseline to the increase in inbound links/ social media mentions – likes- subscriptions – buzz created etc

This time frame is like a computer hard drive’s File Allocation Table: without a baseline to compare intervals from a starting point, there is no way to determine a position, If I handed you a map and said take 40 steps to your right… You’d have to first know where YOU are to figure out where 40 steps to your left is.

In plain English: one keyword phrase per 12 week cycle

perhaps not what the client wants to hear

… don’t shoot the messenger, it’s Google’s DoJo, I’m just telling you how the algorithm works.

Yes we are for hire and have a good, better, best plan for you to choose from

8hrs of 1 on 1 face time to teach you how to out perform your competitors on social media $700 in Frederick Maryland and Montgomery County Maryland. We can do joint web conference if you are not located in Frederick County or Montgomery County Md – remote log in where we can both move the mouse, we can hear each other on the phone, you can ask questions about what you see me do etc.

Client List Testimonials available upon request. Consulting includes creating profiles and optimizing them specifically to improve your company website’s ranking in Google.

NOTE: we do not accept everybody that requests our services, the first hour is free to determine if we want to accept you and if we can do anything for you. We do not accept a client if we don’t think we can do something for you.

Business Blog Creation: WordPress blog hosted on your domain and SEO optimized- $500 we hand the keys to you

Blogger Supporting Blog Creation: Feedburner set up, SEO optimized – $200 we hand the keys to you

Google Places ranking starting from $2400 annually to $12000 annually.

Full portfolio displaying current rankings of existing clients, a proven track record, don’t take our word for any of this… call each one of our customers and ask them. Phone numbers and contact emails available on request.

Managed Company Facebook Pages $500 Month and up

Ghost write content for the supporting blogs we create, get each of them to rank in Google and create content for your company Facebook page and get the company Facebook Page we create and manage for your company to rank in Google:

$1000 upfront: between $500 month and $1000 month for retainer fee and content creation/management. Fee’s vary depending on the competitiveness of your target market. We can hit any target, some targets are harder to hit than others.

Typical Fee is $15000 annually ideally for criminal lawyers, divorce attorneys that want to dominate the local search pages for the geographical area they practice law in.

National SEO Rankings: fees vary depending on competitiveness of the selected keyword phrase. Fees range from $1,000 per month to $10,000 per month (depending on the strength of the competition)
Local Google Advertising Strategist David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

240 397-9804

Free 1 Hour of SEO Consulting For Facebook Fans of Frederick Web Promotions

Why a Maryland Business website needs to improve it’s link popularity:

What is it and why you’d better start thinking in these terms.

There can be only one number one. Google has to pick one, just one… everyone else is second place or worse.

How does Google Decide who gets to be #1?

What if it comes down to Coke or Pepsi?
lets say both sites are equal in every metric you can think of… There still has to be one number one…

If Coke has 110,000 other sites linking to it, and Pepsi has 180,000 other sites linking to it… guess who wins?

It’s time to improve you link popularity!
Why bother with link building?

Link popularity and link quality are very important because every major search engine now considers them as a part of their ranking algorithms. If you don’t have links, you won’t rank well for competitive keywords.
If your page includes all the important on-the-page criteria and scores well with Page Primer, it’s time to focus on your links. Good inbound links can move your page up the ranking ladder and act as new entry points to your site. But how does your site get those coveted inbound links we hear so much about?

First off, let’s make sure we understand the basics. Link popularity is the measure of inbound links to your web site. Link analysis evaluates which sites are linking to you and the link text itself.
Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to improve your link quality and popularity, which will give you a boost in the rankings. Here are some guidelines to help you set up your own linking campaign:

1. Prepare your site first
Before you start your link building campaign, take time to get your site in shape. Make sure your site looks professional, has good content and is easy to navigate. Validate your HTML code and check your links with a tool like HTML Toolbox. If a potential linker goes to your site and finds broken pages, they are not going to want to link to you.
In addition, directories have gone on record saying they may exclude sites with broken links and page errors. Directories want only professional looking sites in their databases, so do your homework on your site before you start promoting it and your linking campaign will be more effective.

2. Budget time for link building
Don’t expect to grow your link popularity overnight. Budget time every week to work on link building. If you force yourself to spend a couple hours a week on link building, it will become part of your routine. Pick one day a week and set aside time as your “link building time.” If you don’t make it a priority, it won’t get done.
Link building is an incremental activity. Over time these one or two new links start adding up until they are hundreds or even thousands of links.

3. Establish realistic link goals
Don’t expect to see instant results. Link building is difficult, frustrating and time intensive. Convincing another web site to link to you can be exasperating. If you get one good quality link a month you’re doing better than the majority of sites out there.
Patience and creativity are key to link building. Track your progress so you know who you’ve asked already. It could be embarrassing to ask a site for a link if they’ve already given you one.
If a company initially declines your link request, wait a while and then ask again. Their company focus may change over time. A “no” today may change into a “yes” 6 – 9 months later.

4. Develop internal management support
If you’re link building in-house, build support from your company’s internal management for your link building. This usually means educating management about the benefits of link building.
Link popularity is unique to the search engine industry – it’s not taught in graduate schools (not yet, anyway). Sit down with your management and explain the concept behind link building – don’t assume they understand it or have even heard of the term. In fact, most won’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
Explain link building in terms they will understand and in ways that will get their attention, such as describing the relationship of link building and increased revenue. Talking about making more money usually gets management’s attention.
Why worry about management support? You will need it to provide the time and money you need to get into search engines or directories.

5. Link popularity is all about quality
Be selective about the sites from which you request links. Search engines use sophisticated rules when judging the importance of a link, and the popularity of the site linking to you is a key criteria. One link from CNet is worth far more than a link from a personal web site.
And don’t even think of using a link farm! Link farms are sites that exist solely to link to other web sites. Link farms are a blatant attempt to inflate your link popularity, and search engines take a dim view of them. Google in particular has been known to ban sites found using a link farm.
Try to identify non-competitive sites in the same field as your site. Links from sites that are related to your area carry more weight than sites from Aunt Sue’s favorite horse site. That doesn’t mean you should refuse a link from Aunt Sue, just be aware it won’t help you much in link quality terms. On the other hand, links from sites within your industry are strong endorsements for your site.

6. Develop a relationship with a site
Before you ask for the link, get to know the web site. Establish yourself as a real human first. That way, when you ask for a link, it’s harder for them to say no.
Impersonal broadcast emails asking for links are spam. Sure, it’s easier, but it will only result in making another company mad at you. Spam link requests do not work and waste everyone’s time. Don’t do it!

7. Provide the linking code
Make it easy for other sites to link to you. Send the prospective linker the exact HTML code you want in the link and suggest which page you want the link from. This ensures the right words are used in the link and reduces the burden in setting up the link. Everybody on the Internet is pressed for time and if you don’t make it “drop-in simple” by giving them the exact HTML, you’ve made their job too hard. Make it easy and your success rate will go up.

8. Get directory listings
Jumpstart your link campaign by getting directory links first. This is especially important if you have a new site or a site with no inbound links. A shortage of inbound links puts your site at a severe disadvantage because link analysis is an important part of every search engine’s ranking algorithm.
The way to overcome this disadvantage is to get a few quality links. A good way to start is to get listed in as many directories as you can. There are many directories out there, and the more you can get into the better.
A few to target include:
• Open Directory
• Yahoo
• LookSmart
• Zeal.com
• Joeant.com
• Business.com
Be aware that most of these directories require you to pay for a listing. It’s worth the expense.

9. Consider bartering for links
It’s a good idea to have something to offer in return for a link. Many sites won’t link to you unless you link back to them or otherwise make it worth their while. Create a Resources or Partner page that allows you to have a place from which you can easily link to them.
You might also offer to work a barter arrangement with them. If you have a popular site with their target market, they might consider free advertisements in exchange for a link. If the link is of great value to you, be prepared to give something back.

10. Link building alternatives
If time constraints keep you from link building, consider outsourcing your link popularity work. Link building is undoubtedly the most time consuming part of search engine optimization. You may find it is not cost effective to do it in house. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, it just means you hire someone else to do it for you.
Many top SEO firms have turned to outsourcing this function. For example: Jill Whalen of highrankings.com uses Debra O’Neil-Mastaler’s link building firm.
Outsourcing to a reputable link building firm ensures good links and could be a more efficient model for you if you are already time limited.
One word of caution if you do chose to hire a company specializing in link building: make sure any firm you hire follows good link building practices. Ask them to describe the process they use to request links Make sure they follow a personalized approach, and don’t simply spam sites with requests for links.

If they refuse to discuss their link building methods you can assume they use impersonal widespread email drops or link farms – that’s spam. They may call it a fancy name, but if the process involves sending out large numbers of form emails, it’s still spam and will only set your campaign backwards and injure your company’s professional reputation. Go find a different company or develop your links in house.
Just do it!
Link popularity is important and the link building process needs to be given high priority. Link analysis is only going to get more important to search engines, not less. Search engines have found it highly resistant to manipulation and a legitimate way to measure the importance of a site. Since link building takes time, the sooner you start the better.

So think of link building as a long-term investment in your site. Put in a little time now to improve your linking today to insure a good search engine ranking in the future.

Frederick Web Promotions provided this article (I didn’t write it, I wish I did but the author said it so well I decided not to try to ‘top it’) for free to help you improve your company website’s local search engine ranking

If you find you WANT and NEED to improve your companies position in Google and don’t have the time, skills or expertise to do it your self.

Contact David Bruce Jr @
or call 240 397-9804for a free evaluation.

Fees for Search Engine Optimization start at $1500 annually for local Countywide top ten listings in local Google search results.

Fees for Search Engine Marketing involving an entire multi media online advertising campaign and Guaranteed top ten listing in State Wide Google search results start at $2500 annually. More competitive keyword combinations involve an additional monthly fee for each listing.

Fees for Nationwide top ten listings in Google for more competitive keyword combinations start at $12,000 down and a monthly fee for continued results.

Backlinks 101

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (though other measures, such as PageRank, are likely to be more important). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.

Where they come from and how the anchor text is written is critical to achieving success in the search engine results pages.
Backlinks have become so important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, that they have become some of the main building blocks to good SEO. Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links (IBL’s). The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

Building quality backlinks is extremely important to Search Engine Optimization, and because of their importance, it should be very high on your priority list in your SEO efforts

Back links are really important. What I am noticing with my WordPress blog is that if I keep saturating it with good content, lots of ping backs are coming in from related blogs. The links are building because of the quality of the information that I am posting.

When we say that more number of incoming links pointing toward your website defines Link Popularity, we are talking about your “website’s worthiness”. Link Popularity isn’t a chemical formula that can be attained by mixing two or more components. Gaining maximum number of links pointing to your website requires skills, backed up by your website’s worthiness. If your site is worthy of a link, you can earn a great profit with Link Popularity. And if it isn’t, all your Link Building efforts might go in vain!

How does one get listed in Google locally?

For example this blog is about geting your Maryland small business ranked in the first ten Google search resutls.

Sidebar for SEO nomenclature: SERP. when you search for anything in Google what comes up is a SERP serp=search engine results page and that page consists of: 10 Organic or ‘natural’ search results in the body or middle of the serp page. One the right hand side are sponsored links or advertisements. the first three search results above the organic are often sponsored links. Sometimes when searching for local products or services Google shows what it calls Google Business Listings. Those are garnered from Google Maps.

So how does one get ranked in Google locally? like for Maryland for example?

People generally type a full sentence as a question:

Where can I find X

What Google returns is a listing of X thingys that are ONLY located in Maryland.

Maryland Internet Advertising improving Google ranking

By localgoogleguru in Maryland Internet Advertising on Sunday,

How does one get a jump on getting top listings in Google for a company doing business in Maryland?
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The easiest way is to have some foreknowledge of the Google algorithm. The discipline of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what I’m talking about.
Google’s search engine uses an algorithm to decide which site gets to be number 1 and which site is relegated to number 2 and so on. That exact algorithm is a closely guarded secret!
There is a simple way to gain some insight into how Google “pre sorts” all data: wouldn’t it be great if you knew in advance what Google is using to sort websites?
The secret I use is built right into a standard Google search: autocomplete
Start any search and Google will attempt to figure out what you were searching for and a drop down window will open with pre filled out suggestions of recent searches. The total volume of recent searches will also be displayed.
Frederick Web Promotions competes in Maryland, we offer Internet Advertising.
Fill out a Google Search with the opening phrase maryland and you’ll see:
1.maryland judiciary case search
2.maryland lottery
3.maryland mva
4.maryland football
You’ll also see the number of recent searches. This is an invaluable tool and I’ll show you why, but lets finish with the keywords I want to be found under.
Continue with Google open and Maryland still typed into the search box, now add the word Internet (so we’re now at maryland internet- google is going to make all words lower case so don’t get on me about grammar)
Maryland Internet – Google suggests the following:
1.maryland internet providers
2.maryland internet service
3.maryland internet advertising
4.maryland internet marketing
5.maryland internet sales tax
6.maryland internet marketing expert
OK, now look at the number of searches for each (I’m not posting them here because they are subject to change, we’re only illustrating here)
There is too much competition for Maryland Internet Advertising, I’m already #2 out of a field of 1,200,000
I don’t rank as high as I’d like for Maryland Internet Marketing but I do rank for Maryland Internet Marketing Expert. To improve my rankings in one I’ll start by ranking in the other, a sort of strike while the iron is hot approach.
The strategy involves taking the longer keyword phrase to the top and using that success as a spring board to tackling the shorter keyword phrase.
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David Bruce is a professional blogger and publisher of Life in Frederick Maryland an online magazine for Frederick Maryland.
Owner of Frederick Web Promotions a Maryland Search Engine Marketing firm.

Search Engine Optimization for MD small business

Search engine optimization is one of the most complex aspects of running a website. Designing and publishing is easy.


Getting people to visit…well that’s another story.

If your company doesn’t get more work, you might not keep your job. You need your company website to outrank your competitors. How about filling half the Google/ Yahoo/ MSN/ AOL page with YOUR website?

Most Web surfers find business and services by searching on one of the search engines, such as Yahoo and Google. You can maximize the sales that come through your Web site by optimizing how you are listed on these search engines

Visible proof of just that for Maryland small businesses

The ONLY MD Search Engine Optimization firm that Guarantees MULTIPLE rankings in top ten is Frederick Web Promotions

SEO= I get you to occupy the high ground (useful in any battlefield situation) what YOU do with the high ground is up to you. (if your sales copy sucks or your offer sucks I cant do anything about that, all I did was get you to out rank your competitor) You paid me for that and I gave it to you. the rest is up to you

Fee for Nationwide Ranking: $12,000, Fee for Statewide Ranking: $2500, Fee for ranking county wide: $1500

For Example if you work for a small business and want your companies website to rank at the top of Google and Yahoo, ON THE FRONT PAGE, meaning in the top ten search results given by the search engines,

… and you were wanting LOCAL Customers

People from YOUR county, people that lived close enough to hop in their car and buy your widget/order your service and put MONEY IN YOUR CASH REGISTER TODAY…

Multiple listings in the top ten search results

Free Blogspot blog to support your existing company website

Free Sales Copy writing

Free customer service included with your website


Best Return on Investment for advertising online you’re going to get ANYWHERE

and did I mention all of this is Guaranteed (or your money back?)

What is meant by the term:Social Network or Social Media?
Starting with MySpace’s popularity, social media is the type of online communication where people often shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. In the not too distant past, only people with the webmastering skills of html and javascript could hand code a webpage, WEB.2.0 tools enable anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share content and to
form communities around shared interests.

Off-Page Optimization is a fancy way of saying this:

“If you want a website to RANK, you’ve got to build hundreds of ‘Other Websites’ that link TO the website you want Ranked in the first place”

AKA Link Building to maximize the original website’s performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the page content.

A Blog – Social networks are the new mini-sites. It is good to spread your content around. Hording all of it on your blog is not a good move. Readers have to find your blog first and one way they do is by reading what you have written on a social network that already has traffic. Now if only I could practice more what I preach.


So if you are a blogger that wants to learn more about blogging or a blogger who wants to build your network and traffic to your site. Advertiser or marketer? You can continue to reach bloggers one at a time through contact forms or you can reach thousands at Bloghology. In these economic times, the two things corporations increased their budget on is creating content and social media marketing. A membership at Bloghology is free and is at the intersection of both.
Article by Stephen Miller

Maryland Internet Advertising: Search Engine Optimization for MD small business

Frederick Maryland Moving

Google Search Results Pages (or SERPs) have 10 listings per page

As you can see Frederick Web Promotions took 5 of the 10 available listings.

NO OTHER SEO firm is taking ‘half the page’.


Does YOUR SEO company Get YOU this kind of results?

Would you like YOUR COMPANIES website to PERFORM in Google like this?

Frederick Web Promotions secures MULTIPLE listings in all the major search engines for it’s clients.

Offering SEO or Search Engine Optimization services for under $600 per year. Best ROI (Return on Investment) of any advertising you could possibly secure for your small business.

Frederick Moving Companies 3_28_09

Move to Frederick
FOUR listings in the top ten Google Results, #1, #2, #9, #10 for keyword ‘move to frederick’
Don’t take my word for it, Google it yourself

Does YOUR SEO company Get YOU this kind of results?

Frederick Web Promotions secures MULTIPLE listings in all the major search engines for it’s clients.

Offering SEO or Search Engine Optimization services for under $600 per year. Best ROI (Return on Investment) of any advertising you could possibly secure for your small business.

Move to Frederick 3_28_09 on Google

Ok, go Google this phrase: Frederick Moving Companies

Frederick Maryland Moving

Google Search Results Pages (or SERPs) have 10 listings per page

As you can see Frederick Web Promotions took 5 of the 10 available listings.

NO OTHER SEO firm is taking ‘half the page’.


Does YOUR SEO company Get YOU this kind of results?

Would you like YOUR COMPANIES website to PERFORM in Google like this?

Frederick Web Promotions secures MULTIPLE listings in all the major search engines for it’s clients.

Offering SEO or Search Engine Optimization services for under $600 per year. Best ROI (Return on Investment) of any advertising you could possibly secure for your small business.

Frederick Moving Companies 3_28_09

If you can’t spit out ONE

230 character blurb about your Local Internet Advertising offer

and make that sexy, your site is doomed to oblivion.

I don’t care if a site is better than mine or prettier than mine, all the fancy flash graphics and esthetically pleasing layout is totally worthless if…

If you can’t describe in ONE sentence

what makes your offer above your competitors, the entire site is useless.

What good is a site, fancy or not if it’s found on page 13 in Google?

All of my sites, sparse as they may be… rank at the top of Google, often multiple listings out of the top ten.

Fancy pictures and nifty layout do NOT put money in your cash register… words do.

Sales Copy

And… being found within the top 10 of the serps (search engine results pages).

If you’re not in the top 10 (or at least the top 20) you’re invisible.


If Google Thinks Enough of YOUR site to put it at the top…

Just the implication of being found in the top 10 search results means instant credibility:

  • Maryland Internet Advertising
    Google that
  • MSN Live type in Maryland Internet Advertising
  • Yahoo search for Maryland Internet Advertising
  • Aol Search for Maryland Internet Advertising
  • Multiple listings in each

    Notice my competitors all have a single listing…
    Do you want YOUR corporate site to perform in Google/Yahoo/MSN Live/Aol Search like that?

    call David Bruce at 240 397-9804 for a no obligation consultation
    Frederick Web Promotions (we work outside of Frederick btw)