4 Secrets to Increase Search Engine Ranking Today

Do you want to increase search engine ranking to boost your traffic and sales?

SEO isn’t as complicated as many people think. What I’ve discovered is that when you know the insider secrets, you can literally dominate any keywords and boost search engine rankings of any websites that you have.

How do I know? Simple: Using the exact secrets you’re about to learn here, I’ve easily dominated Google and achieved high search engine rankings for the super-competitive “article submission” keyword with my website at ArticleSubmitAuto.com.

Here are the 4 proven secrets to increase search engine ranking for your keywords:

Secret 1: Write and Publish Articles

Write a high quality article related to the subject of your website and submit it to the top 30 article directories and other ezine publishers.

Remember to include your website link in the resource box of your articles so that when your articles are published, they will provide high quality backlinks to your websites.

Why are backlinks important?

You see, major search engines like Google determines the ranking of your web page largely through the quality and quantity of internet sites that link to yours. Generally, the higher the authority levels of the incoming links, the higher the link popularity of your website, the greater your search rankings.

So by having authoritative article directories like EzineArticles linking back to your websites, it will definitely help give your website the extra boost in rankings and traffic.

Secret 2: Use the Same Keyword for All Your Backlinks

Forget about what other people say about “link diversity” – that is, creating backlinks to your websites using different keywords to make it look more natural to the search engines.

Through expensive trial and error, I realized that it doesn’t matter. In fact, I’ve discovered that by concentrating all your efforts in building backlinks with the same keyword, you’ll get faster and better results.

Secret 3: Use The Same URL for All Your Backlinks

Look at these URLs:


Strangely, even though the above URLs all lead to the same page, search engine treat them as different pages. So decide if you want to use “www” during backlinking and stick to it.

Secret 4: Spy On Your Competitors

Do a search on your targeted keyword in Google to find out which are the web sites that are ranking the highest. What you need to do is to find out which websites are linking to them, and try to get the exact same websites to link to you.

Reverse engineering the high search engine rankings of these websites is the best method to boost search engine rankings for your own sites.

You can find out who is linking to them by using backlinkwatch.com. This will return the number of internet sites that are providing backlinks to your competitors. By visiting each of them, you may be able to pick up a good number of quality internet sites that you can also approach and get them to link to you.

Alternatively, you can have someone to find and build these high authority backlinks to your website right away and improve search engine ranking

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?4-Secrets-to-Increase-Search-Engine-Ranking-Today&id=3984785

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Google News for Internet Advertising Jan 17 2010

Looking for ideas for content to put your Internet Advertising blog?
Content is king, you want your main website to perform in Google, you get extra blogs to “support ” your main site (link to it), that’s not enough by itself though, you’ve got to have relevant content on those extra (supporting blogs)

So that means you need to write fresh content for your main site/blog and get, somehow, by hook or crook content to put on those supporting blogs to… fret not, I’ll show you how.

Second Tier Blogs
Repurpose already published articles ON YOUR TOPIC, all you have to do is open with a couple paragraphs, and close with a standard “call to action” sort of like a footer at the bottom of each post. Add your contact info there and of course link back to your main website.

Does re-purposing articles work to boost your main site’s ranking?

You tell me:

Local Internet Advertising on Imageshack

The Guardian Google 4Q Net Seen Clicking Along On Recession-Proof Web Ads‎ – 10 hours ago

Google, which makes much of its revenue through Internet search advertising, has weathered the economic downturn better than many competitors. …
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Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet Mar 22, 2009 … 1. There Must Be Something Other Than Advertising: The expected drop in internet advertising revenues this year was neither unpredictable …
http://www.techcrunch.com/…/why-advertising-is-failing-on-the-internet/ – Cached – Similar
Online advertising – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOnline advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract …

Competitive advantage over … – Ethics – Revenue models – Types
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Internet marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales. …
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_marketing –

IAB – Dedicated to the Growth of the Interactive Advertising …Interactive Advertising Bureau — Dedicated to the continued growth of interactive … IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report View the latest IAB Internet …

Internet advertising: The ultimate marketing machine | The EconomistThanks to the power of the internet, advertising is becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable.

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Everyone knows what Facebook is. Your grandparents even have a Facebook page, chances are your customers have a facebook page… well the customers YOU want do. In terms of demographics, if a prospective customer has a Facebook page you know something about them, at a bare minimum you know they probably have a good job, probably are college educated, probably have a credit card

…do you really want to sell to people that do NOT have a credit card? What do you think your chances of making a profit would be if the customers you were attempting to attract did not have  credit, or didn’t have a job?

Not every industry can take full advantage of exposure to the vast Facebook community, the target market of  certain types of stores for example deal in what political correctness terms the “disaffected”, for example a local latin market or a beer and wine store in the seedier side of the tracks… it’s a safe bet their ‘money customers” aren’t on Facebook.  State highway contractors, for example get their work from Government bids, so being on Facebook doesn’t make much sense for them.

Some Maryland businesses on Facebook, with number of fans, friends or members, as of Wednesday:

Discovery Channel, 216,423

Under Armour, 106,852

Baltimore Orioles, 78,711

Baltimore Ravens, 59,223

Animal Planet, 37,727

Johns Hopkins University, 5,596

Honest Tea, 5,215

Lockheed Martin, 4,705

Giant Food, 301

JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, 268

Maryland Chamber of Commerce, 116

TGI Fridays Frederick MD, 165

Frederick Web Promotions, 122  (that would be little ole Me!)
There are 2 main reasons for your company getting on Facebook:

One is obvious, the other not so obvious.

1) Access to the 300 million facebook users

2) The fact that Google Ranks Company Facebook Pages effectively giving you 2 listings in Google: one for your main website (which should be a blog, not a static website), the other Google listing is for your companies Facebook Fan Page.

Why you want a Company Facebook Page

Frederick Web Promotions can create, manage, promote and even Ghost write your companies Facebook Page
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Update 12/26/2009 (with Egg on my Face) Google’s Personalized Search has consequences if you check your own rankings too often. Rather than remove this (mistaken) post I’ll leave it up here as a lesson to those who insist on checking and rechecking their ranking in Google.

Google doesn’t show everyone the same thing. Google’s personalized search will display to you in response to your search query, what it thinks you want… and  part of that is based on the aggregate of your last 180 days of searching. Meaning if you check a given keyword/ keyword phrase too often, and you click on your website (or your competitors link) Google will assume you obviously like that site and it will show that site higher in the serps.


Below is my mistaken conclusion, a post that 3 weeks later I discovered I was wrong


Google Local Business Listings which is Googlemaps underneath is apparently removing SEO companies from the search results.

I don’t yet know if this is a nationwide change in the Googlemaps algorithim, Google is said to roll out changes incrementally in some markets (some data centers) to test in order to determine if they want to keep a change or drop it.

SEO companies have been learning how to improve the ranking of Googlemaps listings, and Google has been penalizing SEO firms for keyword stuffing and other methods of improving the ranking in the local business listings.

If you search in Maryland for the keyword phrases:

  • search engine optimization
  • internet advertising
  • internet marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • No More Googlemaps Listings For SEO Firms
    Now I’m searching from a Frederick Maryland IP address so as of this post I’m not sure if the Google results returned from a searcher searching from another state outside of Maryland. Google is known to display slightly different results to searchers searching in a given geographical area as opposed to searchers searching from elsewhere.

    Improve ranking in Google Local Business Listings

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    Yellowpages – History?
    Phonebooks: A serious case of pulp friction
    by Tania Deluzuriaga, New York Times News Service


    They’re the original search engines, leftover from the days of rotary

    phones and answering machines. Once valued reference books kept in a

    certain drawer or cabinet for easy and frequent access, the massive

    telephone directories landing on doorsteps and in apartment foyers

    across the city in recent weeks seemed bound for more ignoble destinations.

    Days after hundreds of thousands of the 2,000-page, 4-pound tomes were

    delivered, they began showing up in recycling bins and trash dumpsters.


    From Beacon Hill to Jamaica Plain, they moldered on porches and driveways,

    lay strewn across sidewalks, and sat in large, untouched piles in condo and

    apartment buildings.


    In an era when consumers are increasingly conscious of the waste they

    generate, arrival of the phone books was greeted with an annoyed sigh or



    “All that’s waste,” grumbled Gerri Cummings, 70, eyeing the waist-high

    pile of phone books orphaned in the foyer of her South Boston apartment 



    Yellow Book delivered stacks of its yellow pages directories, enough for each

    of the residents of Cummings’ 96-unit building for the elderly and disabled.

    A few days later, Verizon did the same.

    “All my phone numbers are in my phone,” Cummings said, waving a silver

    cellphone that she keeps in her pocket.

    A few blocks away, 33-year-old Jason Muth vented his disgust in his blog.


    “Each time I’m greeted by piles of bound paper at my doorstep, I think the

    same exact thing: what a waste,” he wrote. “The energy to distribute and

    manufacture these, the raw materials used to print these, and our time to

    dispose of them properly.”


    When Verizon delivered its directories a couple days later, Muth’s disgust

    turned to anger. Of the 10 directories delivered to his address this month,

    not one made it inside, he said.

    “What industry is indiscriminately allowed to throw their product on your

    front step and leave you to deal with it?” he fumed in a phone interview.

    “It’s environmentally wrong; it’s morally wrong.”


    Representatives from Verizon and Yellow Book declined to speak to a

    reporter about their products or distribution practices. In a written

    statement, a Verizon spokesman said the company has regionalized its

    directory and made it smaller and more user-friendly. Yellow Book, which

    distributed 883,000 copies of its directory in the Boston area last year,

    said that 87 percent of adults use a print phone directory at least once

    a year.

    “We get complaints from people when they don’t get their phone book,”

    said Stephanie Hobbs, a spokeswoman for the Yellow Pages Association,

    the industry’s trade organization.


    For those who don’t want it, there is little recourse. Unlike services that let

    consumers sign up for no-call lists to stop cold-calling advertisers, it’s not so

    easy to avoid getting the phone book. Some directory companies have phone

    numbers that residents can call to stop phone book deliveries to their homes,

    but the numbers can be hard to locate. And governments say they are

    constrained in imposing blanket restrictions.

    “It’s a First Amendment issue,” said Sharon Gillett, commissioner of the state

    Department of Telecommunications and Cable. “How are they different from

    free newspapers or political fliers?”


    Despite competition from the Internet, the phone directory market continues

    to slowly grow, with a value this year of about billion, according to the

    Yellow Pages Association.


    While services like Google and 411 are providing heightened competition, people

    still turn to their yellow pages when they are ready to buy, Hobbs said, citing a

    third-party study that found American adults consulted phone books 13.4 billion

    times last year.


    But even some advertisers in the books say they’re questioning the practice.

    “I keep contemplating whether I should give it up; it costs me a fortune,” said

    Scott Ruth, a Marlborough plumber who ran an ad for his business in the Boston

    Yellow Book.


    Though business has been good, Ruth said, he has all the work he can handle,

    and he is not sure that spending “several thousand dollars” a year on

    advertising in the phone book is worth it.


    “I haven’t picked one up in I don’t know how long,” he said.

    Moral of this story? If your company is not on the first page of search results in Google, you are for all practical purposes: Invisible

    David Bruce Jr

    Frederick Web Promotions

    Bing Likes WordPress.com blogs

    I’ve been preaching this mantra: you want your company website to perform in search engines? Get an external blog to support your main company website.

    If you want to rank in Microsoft’s Bing, do yourself a favor and get a WordPress.com blog like this one:

    Search Bing (or MSN) for this keyword phrase:

    maryland internet advertising

    MSN returns 18,000,000 websites that all purport to be on this subject.

    Look who is number one:

    You want your site to rank in Bing, get wordpress.com

    You want your site to rank in Bing, get wordpress.com

    Want results like that for YOUR company website?
    Local Google Advertising

    [blip.tv ?posts_id=2552285&dest=53696]

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions interviews Malcolm Carter of Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc about the company Facebook presence I gave them and it’s exposure.

    Why Get a Company Facebook Page?
    Because it shows up in Google Search Results as a high Google PageRank incoming link to YOUR company, product, service or brand.