Google SEO and Domain Authority
By Tom Greaves

To understand how to best optimize your site for Google you need to understand how the web’s link graph works and how Google places value on a particular site. One of the most common SEO techniques is to build vast amounts of links back to a particular page in order to boost its popularity and rank it higher on Google’s index.

Google’s world famous patent PageRank was designed originally to work out the popularity of a particular page on the web. It would take into account where the link was coming from and how relevant it was to the target page. A link from a popular trusted page would be worth a lot more than a link from a page hardly visible on the web.

Google has evolved in the last few years and is now making rank calculations based on a domain level as well as on a page level. Google will now assess how many domains point to your domain, how much authority these domains have and how relevant they are to your content.

So when we are building links back to our sites we need to think about the type of domains pointing to us as
well as the type of pages. For instance a link from a deep page of an authority site may well be worth more than a link from the home page of a less recognized site.

Also whilst thinking about the authority of our domain we need to think about where external links point to on our pages. A common mistake many newbie SEO’s make is by building all their links to their home page leaving their deeper pages to drop out of the index, however Google will specifically look to see where links are pointing to. Google may consider all pages without links to be of no interest and therefore not worth adding to the index. Sites with good amounts of links popularity to deeper pages will always rank better on Google.

When practicing any SEO technique be sure to think about trust, authority and popularity from the perspective of your domain as a whole rather than a particular page. Do you ever wonder why authority sites seem to be able to rank new pages quickly? This is because they have huge amounts of domain authority; Google trusts them fully and therefore fully trusts every piece of content that comes from those domains. It’s simple really build domain authority and rank higher on Google quicker.

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Internet Advertising is not Internet Marketing.

Because advertising is only a small part of marketing. When you speak of Internet advertising or marketing what you’re talking about ultimately boils down to search engine marketing.You can build a site, be it an amateurish or glitzy professional site…
How are you going to get people to go there to see it?

Just because you had a site built there are only 2 ways to get people to visit it: Conventional Offline Advertising OR manage to get the search engines to list your site…

You’re assuming a lot: The search engines are not obligated to list you at all and it’s there show, they will list you where they think your site deserves to be listed.

Advertise all you want but if you are not listed, PROMINENTLY where people are actively searching, no one is likely to find your site and it won’t make much difference if your site is professionally crafted with Shakespearean prose of amateurish and clumsy… it just wont matter.

Web design geeks often tell you your site is listed if you can type your company name in and it shows up in Google. I hate to rain on your parade but the customers you’re after:

A don’t know your company name
B don’t care what your company name is
C they just want What they want
D… they want it near where they are.

Advertising and marketing are very different things. There are many ways to market your business, and advertising is only one way to do it. In fact, advertising is often the most expensive way to market your business. If you think advertising is the same thing as marketing, you have just limited yourself to only using the most expensive way to market your business. There are lots of ways to market your business that are cheaper than advertising, and often times more effective.

Marketing is how customers perceive your business. This perception is influenced by the advertising materials you send out, but it’s much more than that. How customers perceive you is also influenced by how courteous your employees are, how they answer the phone, how clean or messy your store is, how quickly you respond to customers’ concerns, the quality of the work you do for your customers…Everything that affects the customers’ perception of you is marketing.

As you can see, advertising is only one component of marketing. Successful advertising brings customers to your door, but whether customers stay with you is another matter. You can make big claims in your advertising and bring lots of customers to your door, but if you cannot service them well, your marketing is not successful.

I cannot emphasize enough that marketing is a lot more than advertising or selling. I am not saying advertising is not important. Advertising is one important way to attract new customers