Doing business online is a virtual battlefield with businesses and individuals all fighting for the top spots amount the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Online reputation management is an important part of staying on top of the internet marketing game.

There is a price to pay for making your way to the top and you can do it with either time or money. While bigger corporations and online business have the money to hire agencies to push their business to the top of the totem pole, smaller businesses and individuals often rely on trial and error or hiring fly by night companies who promise them the world and deliver nothing.

If you thought getting to the top of the search engines cost a lot of money, think again. In fact, if you have the patience you can get to the top of the search engines without depleting your bank account. The first step is online reputation management and that starts with keeping your word, providing quality products or services, and go above and beyond to satisfy your customers. Word of mouth holds more weight than any amount of money you could spend and it lasts longer too.

One happy customer will tell their friends, they will let others know, and so on. Before long, your customer base will grow, you name will become known in your niche, and customers will come back to you because they trust in you.

With our economy in such a bad state, businesses don’t have extra money use for advertising, so the smart marketers are thinking of more innovative ways to build an online reputation and increase their customer base. It is possible to create a campaign and run it yourself even on a tight budget. Creative marketing can consist of joining forums and networking groups, social bookmarking, and even blogging.

Other creative ways to build an online presence and become well known in your niche is through networking both online and offline. Article marketing, video marketing, Question and Answer sites such as Yahoo Answers, are all great places to start.

Online reputation management is simply keeping a handle on what you do and never leaving a customer dissatisfied. Get feedback from your customers, create polls or mini-surveys and ask what you can do better. The best way to keep a positive online reputation is to not develop a bad reputation.

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