Advertisement agencies are firms that help you to advertise in a professional and a cost effective way. Advertising agencies are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the reliability and efficiency of work offered by them. With the tremendous growth and competition in the advertising world it is becoming more and more difficult to advertise your product in the lowest possible cost. Almost each and every company local, national, international, everybody wants to advertise about their products and services, this has contributed to the increasing prices of advertising.

Big companies and organizations do not mind spending a fortune for their ads, but the pinch of the rising cost is felt by newly started small scale businesses. The big companies sign up famous personalities as their brand ambassadors and also capture all the premium time slots on the TV, premium front page corners in the news paper, cover pages of the magazine, popular internet websites, by paying high sums of money. This leaves little scope for other companies to broadcast or publish their ads and market their products. Advertisements help the brands to establish themselves as well as flourish and help them increase their brand value.

Role of advertising agencies:

– Mediator: Advertising agencies work as mediators between the publisher and the advertiser. They make sure that both the parties get the best deal and no one feels like cheated. Both the parties then have to pay some commission to the advertising agency and this is how the revenue for the advertising agency is generated.

– Right bid: The advertising agencies help the advertiser to make the right and the most profitable bid. They help the advertiser get premium slots and premium ad deals with proper market research and reliable advice. They also help you start your ad campaign in the limited revenue available.

– Ad making: They help you make the best ads. They have got people who work on the concept of the ads and who create a good as well as an effective ad. For TV commercials they also have professional and eligible ad directors.

– Designers and artists: These advertising agencies have professional artists and designers. These people help you design a good looking and attention seeking news paper or magazine or internet based ad. They also decide on the colors that should be used in the ad and make it very attractive.

– Writers: These advertising agencies also employ writers with good skill and command over the language. These writers’ help you wrote bold and witty, eye catching titles to for your ads. They also help you write the content of the ad in such a way that it will impress the reader and get him involved with your product or your services.

– Management: These advertising agencies also have people who manage your ads. These people keep your ads updated with the latest content and keep them changing every month or week to catch the attention of the reader and keep him interested. They also see to it that the content or concept of your ad is not being copied by anybody else.

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Google Local Business Listings

Cheating with fake reviews or keyword stuffing the company name WILL Get you BANNED from Google Places… it IS possible to be forgiven IF you take certain steps!

The most valuable part of a local Google Advertising campaign, Google Local Business Listings are powered by Google Maps, which is now called Google Places.

Google Places business listings often appear above the organic Google listings

Google Search Results Broken Down

Did your Google Places Account Get Suspended?

  • Fake reviews you left singing your companies praises
  • keyword stuffing
  • entering too many custom categories
  • mud slinging by fake complaints against your competitors
  • opening a gmail account, leaving a fake review (and never logging back into that gmail account again… did you really think Google was that stupid?)

… every possible method of gaming the Google local business listing rankings has already been thought of, attempted in the last 6o minutes.

So… you bent the rules and were caught dirty??

Welcome to the club, you most certainly are not alone!

So now you’re kicked off, is there a Google path to redemption?

Yes there is!

If you want back in to the good graces of Google Places we can help!

Google announced that there are Quality Scores it uses as criteria to determine which websites should rank higher in Google’s Local Business Listing Rankings

Among them is to complete not only your Google Profile but if you have any, your employees Google profiles.  See my post on Real Estate Marketing blog platform ActiveRain:

So You Want Something From Google And Didn’t Hang Your Shingle Out

A more completely filled out contact us page is another common error of omission


If you’d like for us to pull your fat out of the fire, we can do that:

Guaranteed Google Places or Google Local Business Listing ranking

Top 3 listing for your main keyword in Google Maps Guaranteed

Many small businesses come to us with excellent ranking in the organic listings (sometimes called the natural search results or the main body of search results) but they are NOT ranking in the 3 pack of Google Maps. Google Maps is often the ONLY search results displayed on a smart phone. Increasingly people will start using their smart phone instead of a laptop, you need your company to rank in the top 3 or you will be virtually invisible. Fee for top 3 ranking in Google Places and one listing in the top ten Google organic listings $2400 annually

It’s widely known that to boost your ranking in Google Places you should add up to 10 photos or images to your Google Places Accout

Add Photos to Google Places

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Free DIY SEO (do it yourself search engine optimization) Tricks

Let’s say you’re a web developer or a web designer doing site for a local business that sells products, you create a website (better yet a blog), you need to SEO that site. You grab some photos from the manufacturers website to represent the product line.

You need to use images to represent your companies product or service… You use public domain images… what’s the problem?

Those images have been used hundreds, perhaps thousands of times before, Googlebot has seen the code for those images used over and over again. You’re in danger of getting penalized with Google’s duplicate content penalty

There is debate over what that penalty is but you can be sure that  the more unique content that is on your site, the more Googlebot will favor your site over your competitors.

Here’s a neat trick to scramble the code to make public domain images appear to be fresh content in Googlebot’s eyes. Disclaimer: Do NOT use this trick to steal other people’s images and make them your 0wn, you will eventually get caught and you webhosting will likely be cancelled!

This SEO tactic is for using images you have permission to use, for example, if you sell appliances, if you ask the manufacturer they will allow you to use the images depicting the appliance from the official manufacturers website.

Problem is Google already indexed those pictures, the underlying code for the image is known to Google as not being YOURS. You want unique content to get Google to favor your website

Fresh Content For Off the Shelf Images DIY SEO Trick

  1. Download the image from the manufacturers website
  2. Find said image in your My Documents and open it up in MS Paint (most PCs running windows come with paint.exe, if not it’s a free download from Microsoft)
  3. Chop off ONE PIXEL from either the horizontal or vertical axis (in Paint click on “Attributes”)
  4. Save the image as something other than what it was originally, if it was a .jpg save it as a .png;  effectively scrambling the code that renders the image
  5. Open the saved image in Photoshop or any free photo editing software, this time resave it as a .jpg or return it to the file form you orginally downloaded it as

Presto chango: you now have fresh unique content in Google’s eyes, you’re still obligated to credit the original author

Sources Online Where You Can Get Public Domain Photos and Images: 
. . Public Domain Photos . .
Free for commercial redistribution and alteration

In the US, any image that dates before 1923 is in the public domain. That is, it is no longer copyrighted, and free for anyone to use, for any reason.

A site called has a beautiful collection of such images, and is especially rich in old-timey holiday pictures.

Read more: How to Get Free Photos for Commercial Use |


There’s a LOT more tricks and tactics used by Frederick Web Promotions

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Web definitions for Googlebot

Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine. – Definition in context

Search Results

  1. Googlebot definition  

    Search engines usually employ some sort of automatic programs to crawl the Web and index all the pages they find. Some search engines refer to them as
  2. GooglebotDefinition  img src=”linkscanner://safe.gif/” border=”0″ alt=”” width=”20″ height=”20″ />

    The indexing is performed by a program Googlebot which periodically requests new copies of web pages it already knows about. The more often a page updates,
  3. Googlebot: definition and examples of Googlebot | Wordnik  

    Googlebot: Dictionary definitions and example sentences of Googlebot on
4 Secrets to Increase Search Engine Ranking Today

Do you want to increase search engine ranking to boost your traffic and sales?

SEO isn’t as complicated as many people think. What I’ve discovered is that when you know the insider secrets, you can literally dominate any keywords and boost search engine rankings of any websites that you have.

How do I know? Simple: Using the exact secrets you’re about to learn here, I’ve easily dominated Google and achieved high search engine rankings for the super-competitive “article submission” keyword with my website at

Here are the 4 proven secrets to increase search engine ranking for your keywords:

Secret 1: Write and Publish Articles

Write a high quality article related to the subject of your website and submit it to the top 30 article directories and other ezine publishers.

Remember to include your website link in the resource box of your articles so that when your articles are published, they will provide high quality backlinks to your websites.

Why are backlinks important?

You see, major search engines like Google determines the ranking of your web page largely through the quality and quantity of internet sites that link to yours. Generally, the higher the authority levels of the incoming links, the higher the link popularity of your website, the greater your search rankings.

So by having authoritative article directories like EzineArticles linking back to your websites, it will definitely help give your website the extra boost in rankings and traffic.

Secret 2: Use the Same Keyword for All Your Backlinks

Forget about what other people say about “link diversity” – that is, creating backlinks to your websites using different keywords to make it look more natural to the search engines.

Through expensive trial and error, I realized that it doesn’t matter. In fact, I’ve discovered that by concentrating all your efforts in building backlinks with the same keyword, you’ll get faster and better results.

Secret 3: Use The Same URL for All Your Backlinks

Look at these URLs:

Strangely, even though the above URLs all lead to the same page, search engine treat them as different pages. So decide if you want to use “www” during backlinking and stick to it.

Secret 4: Spy On Your Competitors

Do a search on your targeted keyword in Google to find out which are the web sites that are ranking the highest. What you need to do is to find out which websites are linking to them, and try to get the exact same websites to link to you.

Reverse engineering the high search engine rankings of these websites is the best method to boost search engine rankings for your own sites.

You can find out who is linking to them by using This will return the number of internet sites that are providing backlinks to your competitors. By visiting each of them, you may be able to pick up a good number of quality internet sites that you can also approach and get them to link to you.

Alternatively, you can have someone to find and build these high authority backlinks to your website right away and improve search engine ranking

Article Source:

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Google News for Internet Advertising Jan 17 2010

Looking for ideas for content to put your Internet Advertising blog?
Content is king, you want your main website to perform in Google, you get extra blogs to “support ” your main site (link to it), that’s not enough by itself though, you’ve got to have relevant content on those extra (supporting blogs)

So that means you need to write fresh content for your main site/blog and get, somehow, by hook or crook content to put on those supporting blogs to… fret not, I’ll show you how.

Second Tier Blogs
Repurpose already published articles ON YOUR TOPIC, all you have to do is open with a couple paragraphs, and close with a standard “call to action” sort of like a footer at the bottom of each post. Add your contact info there and of course link back to your main website.

Does re-purposing articles work to boost your main site’s ranking?

You tell me:

Local Internet Advertising on Imageshack

The Guardian Google 4Q Net Seen Clicking Along On Recession-Proof Web Ads‎ – 10 hours ago

Google, which makes much of its revenue through Internet search advertising, has weathered the economic downturn better than many competitors. …
Wall Street Journal – 8818 related articles »

Why Yahoo Is on a Dealmaking Binge‎ – BusinessWeek – 115 related articles »
Expert: Fraudsters Pull Tricks With Google Ads‎ – PC World – 16 related articles »

Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet Mar 22, 2009 … 1. There Must Be Something Other Than Advertising: The expected drop in internet advertising revenues this year was neither unpredictable ……/why-advertising-is-failing-on-the-internet/ – Cached – Similar
Online advertising – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOnline advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract …

Competitive advantage over … – Ethics – Revenue models – Types – Cached – Similar
Internet marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales. … –

IAB – Dedicated to the Growth of the Interactive Advertising …Interactive Advertising Bureau — Dedicated to the continued growth of interactive … IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report View the latest IAB Internet …

Internet advertising: The ultimate marketing machine | The EconomistThanks to the power of the internet, advertising is becoming less wasteful and its value more measurable.…

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Check your rankings often?

If you’re not paying attention you’ll get a very false sense of security.

News Bulletin: Google Doesn’t Show Everybody The Same Results!

It shows you what it thinks you want to see… Google’s Personalized Search is a game changer.

Google’s (and Broadcast Television’s) Advertiser Supported Business Model

For some time now (several years) Google records what your search habits are in an effort to be a more effective advertiser. It needs to learn something about you in order to know which advertisements you’re more likely to purchase from. Until recently Google only tracked you while you were logged in to your Google account (logged into Gmail and you’re logged into everything else Google, Gmail is to Google what your social security # is to Big Brother)

What are the implications for SEO?

If you have a commercial website and you’re concerned at where your company website ranks… and you search for your website often Google will NOT show you what your prospective customers see, Google will show you what it thinks you want to see.

You’ve inadvertently trained Google to display your website, artificially higher than it “really” is, and you did it to yourself.

Implications for Do It YouSelf SEOers are… well, plentiful.

You are more likely to (mistakenly) tell a SEO company, no thanks, don’t need you, am doing just fine by myself.

… and you’re not, but you don’t know that.

If you are an SEO and you check the rankings often so in a desperate attempt to have something in the way of vastly improved ranking results to show your new (nervous) SEO client…

all new SEO clients are nervous, they either don’t really understand what they’re paying you for OR they’ve done a lot themselves and just came to the conclusion it is productive to outsource this  to a professional… those clients are REALLY skeptical to see what it is they’re paying you for.

… Google is going to display what IT thinks you want to see, NOT what everyone else sees.

Moral of this story?

Since this is a “feeder blog” (aka supporting blog) and not my main blog I’m not going to tell you as much here as I do on but this much I am willing to share (for free, I am NOT in business to give away all my secrets for free):

Do NOT check your rankings from the same computer you promote from.

Do NOT cheat, game the system, practice Black Hat SEO, or even Grey Hat SEO From the same computer you check your ranking on.

Go to the Library to check what the rest of the world sees.

… this way you may not embarrass yourself the way I did right here on this blog

Improve ranking in Google Local Business Listings

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Everyone knows what Facebook is. Your grandparents even have a Facebook page, chances are your customers have a facebook page… well the customers YOU want do. In terms of demographics, if a prospective customer has a Facebook page you know something about them, at a bare minimum you know they probably have a good job, probably are college educated, probably have a credit card

…do you really want to sell to people that do NOT have a credit card? What do you think your chances of making a profit would be if the customers you were attempting to attract did not have  credit, or didn’t have a job?

Not every industry can take full advantage of exposure to the vast Facebook community, the target market of  certain types of stores for example deal in what political correctness terms the “disaffected”, for example a local latin market or a beer and wine store in the seedier side of the tracks… it’s a safe bet their ‘money customers” aren’t on Facebook.  State highway contractors, for example get their work from Government bids, so being on Facebook doesn’t make much sense for them.

Some Maryland businesses on Facebook, with number of fans, friends or members, as of Wednesday:

Discovery Channel, 216,423

Under Armour, 106,852

Baltimore Orioles, 78,711

Baltimore Ravens, 59,223

Animal Planet, 37,727

Johns Hopkins University, 5,596

Honest Tea, 5,215

Lockheed Martin, 4,705

Giant Food, 301

JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, 268

Maryland Chamber of Commerce, 116

TGI Fridays Frederick MD, 165

Frederick Web Promotions, 122  (that would be little ole Me!)
There are 2 main reasons for your company getting on Facebook:

One is obvious, the other not so obvious.

1) Access to the 300 million facebook users

2) The fact that Google Ranks Company Facebook Pages effectively giving you 2 listings in Google: one for your main website (which should be a blog, not a static website), the other Google listing is for your companies Facebook Fan Page.

Why you want a Company Facebook Page

Frederick Web Promotions can create, manage, promote and even Ghost write your companies Facebook Page
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