Getting Fans (or “likes” as Facebook now prefers to call it) is better than nothing but it’s NOT ENOUGH

Facebook Has A Spam Filter!

It’s good for you to “like” a Facebook business page but to really give that person’s FB business page a “boost” it’s better if you say something on that companies wall.

It does no one any good to have 1000 fans, if 990 of them never go back, don’t log in, and never said anything: What Facebook is looking for is participation.

The algorithm can not *read* what is being said, but it can measure activity: zero interest in a FB business page= Facebooks algorthim has no choice but to assume the page is relatively worthless, therefore that pages posts are deemed spam (none of that companies posts will be broadcast to the friends of friends News Feed)

All Outgoing (Broadcast) With ZERO Incoming (Receiving)= Facebook Considers Your Business Page to Be Spam

If no one is leaving a comment or asking a question the algorithm will NOT LET YOUR MESSAGES Go Out to your friends or fans News Feed!!!

So you have a company facebook page?


I’m finding that if you don’t “bribe” people (offer value isn’t really bribing) they wont “say something” or interact… no interaction = your company facebook notes are NOT going out to the News Feed

Getting your posts to make it to the General Facebook News Feed is “friends of friends”… that’s a WHOLE LOTTA EyeBalls on your posts if you make it to the News Feed

A Company Facebook Page is only as good as it’s fan base interaction, it does no one any good to have a Facebook business page that is broadcasting (spamming) and not receiving (interaction), Facebook will block the outgoing messages of a FB page that is sending and not receiving.


if you’re a newbie to Facebook Business Pages, the default view of your Company Facebook Page Wall does not always show you that a prospective customer just asked you a question:

Facebook Fan Filter

What you have to do is to the link marked “Options” just below your wall, on the right side

Facebook Fan Page Options

Then click “Just Others”

What you want to see is Facebook Fan Interaction, the evidence of that interaction looks like this:

Facebook Fan Page Just Others

Frederick Web Promotions Custom Company Facebook Pages:

What we do is ghost write all the content, and handle all the customer inquires, answer all the questions from prospective clients, perform all the customer service (we’re the point of contact), screen all inquires to determine which ones are real (should go to Dr ____, which ones are bogus attempts to spam the doctor’s FB wall with get rich quick schemes) AND get that Facebook Business Page to rank in the top ten along in Google Local Search Results alongside the Dr’s company website.

We charge $500 a month for company Facebook page management/ content creation available only with a year to year contract @ $6,000 a year, includes handling her twitter account as well: Total social media marketing management

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You’re gonna have to come up with an angle to fit YOUR geographical area

I didn’t say this was easy.. it IS the most ROI you’re ever gonna get from here on out

…don’t shoot the messenger, a consultants job is to lead a horse to water: Drink or Don’t Drink, I brought you to the water hole, the ball is in your court