Free DIY SEO (do it yourself search engine optimization) Tricks

Let’s say you’re a web developer or a web designer doing site for a local business that sells products, you create a website (better yet a blog), you need to SEO that site. You grab some photos from the manufacturers website to represent the product line.

You need to use images to represent your companies product or service… You use public domain images… what’s the problem?

Those images have been used hundreds, perhaps thousands of times before, Googlebot has seen the code for those images used over and over again. You’re in danger of getting penalized with Google’s duplicate content penalty

There is debate over what that penalty is but you can be sure that  the more unique content that is on your site, the more Googlebot will favor your site over your competitors.

Here’s a neat trick to scramble the code to make public domain images appear to be fresh content in Googlebot’s eyes. Disclaimer: Do NOT use this trick to steal other people’s images and make them your 0wn, you will eventually get caught and you webhosting will likely be cancelled!

This SEO tactic is for using images you have permission to use, for example, if you sell appliances, if you ask the manufacturer they will allow you to use the images depicting the appliance from the official manufacturers website.

Problem is Google already indexed those pictures, the underlying code for the image is known to Google as not being YOURS. You want unique content to get Google to favor your website

Fresh Content For Off the Shelf Images DIY SEO Trick

  1. Download the image from the manufacturers website
  2. Find said image in your My Documents and open it up in MS Paint (most PCs running windows come with paint.exe, if not it’s a free download from Microsoft)
  3. Chop off ONE PIXEL from either the horizontal or vertical axis (in Paint click on “Attributes”)
  4. Save the image as something other than what it was originally, if it was a .jpg save it as a .png;  effectively scrambling the code that renders the image
  5. Open the saved image in Photoshop or any free photo editing software, this time resave it as a .jpg or return it to the file form you orginally downloaded it as

Presto chango: you now have fresh unique content in Google’s eyes, you’re still obligated to credit the original author

Sources Online Where You Can Get Public Domain Photos and Images: 
. . Public Domain Photos . .
Free for commercial redistribution and alteration

In the US, any image that dates before 1923 is in the public domain. That is, it is no longer copyrighted, and free for anyone to use, for any reason.

A site called has a beautiful collection of such images, and is especially rich in old-timey holiday pictures.

Read more: How to Get Free Photos for Commercial Use |


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