I’m of the opinion the job classification of Social Media Manager is well on the way to being main stream: I’ve heard “Director of Emerging Media” and similar phrasing.

15-20 years ago desktop computers “put secretaries out of work”, now they can’t get a job without MS works skills/ MS Excell skills/ Quickbooks skills/ and email skills

Pretty soon the receptionist job will be an executive position rather than one up from the mail room. Someone’s got to answer the twitter and the Facebook and that person has GOT TO BE ON THE BALL

10 yrs ago every company needed an IT department.. they just didn’t know it at the time, now no company can function without either an in house IT solution or contract out for IT support.

SEO and Social Media Marketing is right now where IT support once was.. every company needs this.. they just don’t know it yet

There are a high number of real estate agents is utilizing SEO and Social Media Marketing Skills due to the fact that real estate agents have “caught on”, come to the realization that SEO and Social Media Marketing is a full time profession… they will quickly die on the vine if they do not get a handle on this. Soon other genres will see the writing on the wall.

Below is an exchange between me and a Fan of my Frederick Web Promotions Facebook Page

Sean Mulgrew I wondered what those twitter lists were all about, so Google can see them? I’m beginning to realize half of the reason we bother with social stuff is so Google can see us

Frederick Web Promotions You got it… we’re leaving money on the table if we’re doing social media with social media only in mind: Kill 2 birds with one stone, Google can see most of these social signals, it’s half the reason for doing all this marketing, probably the bigger half


A website is a sales copy delivery system

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After all… what you’re after is leads, you need the phone to ring! Frederick Web Promotions makes your phone ring.

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