Everyone knows what Facebook is. Your grandparents even have a Facebook page, chances are your customers have a facebook page… well the customers YOU want do. In terms of demographics, if a prospective customer has a Facebook page you know something about them, at a bare minimum you know they probably have a good job, probably are college educated, probably have a credit card

…do you really want to sell to people that do NOT have a credit card? What do you think your chances of making a profit would be if the customers you were attempting to attract did not have  credit, or didn’t have a job?

Not every industry can take full advantage of exposure to the vast Facebook community, the target market of  certain types of stores for example deal in what political correctness terms the “disaffected”, for example a local latin market or a beer and wine store in the seedier side of the tracks… it’s a safe bet their ‘money customers” aren’t on Facebook.  State highway contractors, for example get their work from Government bids, so being on Facebook doesn’t make much sense for them.

Some Maryland businesses on Facebook, with number of fans, friends or members, as of Wednesday:

Discovery Channel, 216,423

Under Armour, 106,852

Baltimore Orioles, 78,711

Baltimore Ravens, 59,223

Animal Planet, 37,727

Johns Hopkins University, 5,596

Honest Tea, 5,215

Lockheed Martin, 4,705

Giant Food, 301

JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, 268

Maryland Chamber of Commerce, 116

TGI Fridays Frederick MD, 165

Frederick Web Promotions, 122  (that would be little ole Me!)
There are 2 main reasons for your company getting on Facebook:

One is obvious, the other not so obvious.

1) Access to the 300 million facebook users

2) The fact that Google Ranks Company Facebook Pages effectively giving you 2 listings in Google: one for your main website (which should be a blog, not a static website), the other Google listing is for your companies Facebook Fan Page.

Why you want a Company Facebook Page

Frederick Web Promotions can create, manage, promote and even Ghost write your companies Facebook Page
David Bruce Jr
240 397-9804

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2552285&dest=53696]

David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions interviews Malcolm Carter of Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc about the company Facebook presence I gave them and it’s exposure.

Why Get a Company Facebook Page?
Because it shows up in Google Search Results as a high Google PageRank incoming link to YOUR company, product, service or brand.

If social networking were the prom then Facebook would be the king, and Twitter the queen. Or actually they would probably be rival queens. However you want to view it, one thing is for certain — MySpace is the candidate that no one is talking about, but might just get the bouquet of flowers and tiara at the end.

You might be thinking that I’m crazy; hasn’t MySpace been out of the limelight for quite awhile? If you’re talking about professional social media coverage, then yes MySpace has taken a backseat to big brother Facebook and the up-and-comer Twitter. The numbers don’t lie though, and we have to acknowledge that MySpace is still very much relevant. Actually, in terms of unique visitors it’s 2.5x more relevant than Twitter (MySpace – 59m vs. Twitter – 23m).

As professionals I believe many times we feel alienated by MySpace. It seems to be the least productive in terms of networking for a business. The profiles are notorious for being tacky, and highly obtrusive. Finally, and most importantly I believe that MySpace’s focus on music hinders many visitor’s focus. They look to be expanding at least, as it’s been stated they’ll be involved with video games.

It’s a bit early to tell what MySpace’s direct future is. With their clean up efforts, and video game direction it will be interesting to see if they can salvage their image with professionals.

What says you? Are you a MySpace user, and if so have you noticed many of their clean up changes? Is it too late for you, and either Facebook or Twitter owns your soul?

Johnny V from WebProWorld