Is Your Website Crafted To Please The Wrong Audience?

Do you do web design?”

The following reply is common for many SEO agencies:

“Not really, but I always seem to have to go behind you guys take the client out of the witness protection plan you all keep sending them to.”

Web Designers often think they’re supposed to be writing to please humans.

Many Web Designers are Totally Clueless…

If you don’t write to please GoogleBot FIRST

No one is ever going to see your Shakespearean prose of glitzy flash presentation.

Most web design or redesign projects are executed on specifications. In most cases, those specifications emphasize front end design and user experience elements as well as back end content management and administration features. What most web design specifications do not include is attention to how search engines will interact with the web site or how a re-design will impact current search engine visibility.

The result for a web site redesign or change in content management system that does not consider implications for search engines can be disastrous. When changes are made to a web site, it can affect overall content organization, navigation, past SEO efforts of content, syntax of file names and a host of other web page elements.

When search engines crawl web sites, they make copies of web pages and links. Changing web pages and links without redirecting in the right way can be confusing to search engines. The solution to this unintentional sabotage is to implement a SEO migration plan that will help mitigate any negative effects of a major site change. If a web site and the the links from other sites pointing to that web site have been known to a search engine for any notable amount of time, then there is a certain equity that has been built up. Changing content and links essentially sabotages that equity and can result in plummeting search visibility. read more


Who cares if you have a pretty site… if no one is ever going to see it!

If that expensive site with bells and whistles is ranked #211

I guarantee you no one is ever going to see it.

All my sites (and my clients) are listed MULTIPLE TIMES in the top ten.

Often filling the entire front page of Google with links to OUR sites.

Local Google Advertising by David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

Google News for Internet Advertising Jan 17 2010

Looking for ideas for content to put your Internet Advertising blog?
Content is king, you want your main website to perform in Google, you get extra blogs to “support ” your main site (link to it), that’s not enough by itself though, you’ve got to have relevant content on those extra (supporting blogs)

So that means you need to write fresh content for your main site/blog and get, somehow, by hook or crook content to put on those supporting blogs to… fret not, I’ll show you how.

Second Tier Blogs
Repurpose already published articles ON YOUR TOPIC, all you have to do is open with a couple paragraphs, and close with a standard “call to action” sort of like a footer at the bottom of each post. Add your contact info there and of course link back to your main website.

Does re-purposing articles work to boost your main site’s ranking?

You tell me:

Local Internet Advertising on Imageshack

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If you can’t spit out ONE

230 character blurb about your Local Internet Advertising offer

and make that sexy, your site is doomed to oblivion.

I don’t care if a site is better than mine or prettier than mine, all the fancy flash graphics and esthetically pleasing layout is totally worthless if…

If you can’t describe in ONE sentence

what makes your offer above your competitors, the entire site is useless.

What good is a site, fancy or not if it’s found on page 13 in Google?

All of my sites, sparse as they may be… rank at the top of Google, often multiple listings out of the top ten.

Fancy pictures and nifty layout do NOT put money in your cash register… words do.

Sales Copy

And… being found within the top 10 of the serps (search engine results pages).

If you’re not in the top 10 (or at least the top 20) you’re invisible.


If Google Thinks Enough of YOUR site to put it at the top…

Just the implication of being found in the top 10 search results means instant credibility:

  • Maryland Internet Advertising
    Google that
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    Notice my competitors all have a single listing…
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