4 Secrets to Increase Search Engine Ranking Today

Do you want to increase search engine ranking to boost your traffic and sales?

SEO isn’t as complicated as many people think. What I’ve discovered is that when you know the insider secrets, you can literally dominate any keywords and boost search engine rankings of any websites that you have.

How do I know? Simple: Using the exact secrets you’re about to learn here, I’ve easily dominated Google and achieved high search engine rankings for the super-competitive “article submission” keyword with my website at ArticleSubmitAuto.com.

Here are the 4 proven secrets to increase search engine ranking for your keywords:

Secret 1: Write and Publish Articles

Write a high quality article related to the subject of your website and submit it to the top 30 article directories and other ezine publishers.

Remember to include your website link in the resource box of your articles so that when your articles are published, they will provide high quality backlinks to your websites.

Why are backlinks important?

You see, major search engines like Google determines the ranking of your web page largely through the quality and quantity of internet sites that link to yours. Generally, the higher the authority levels of the incoming links, the higher the link popularity of your website, the greater your search rankings.

So by having authoritative article directories like EzineArticles linking back to your websites, it will definitely help give your website the extra boost in rankings and traffic.

Secret 2: Use the Same Keyword for All Your Backlinks

Forget about what other people say about “link diversity” – that is, creating backlinks to your websites using different keywords to make it look more natural to the search engines.

Through expensive trial and error, I realized that it doesn’t matter. In fact, I’ve discovered that by concentrating all your efforts in building backlinks with the same keyword, you’ll get faster and better results.

Secret 3: Use The Same URL for All Your Backlinks

Look at these URLs:


Strangely, even though the above URLs all lead to the same page, search engine treat them as different pages. So decide if you want to use “www” during backlinking and stick to it.

Secret 4: Spy On Your Competitors

Do a search on your targeted keyword in Google to find out which are the web sites that are ranking the highest. What you need to do is to find out which websites are linking to them, and try to get the exact same websites to link to you.

Reverse engineering the high search engine rankings of these websites is the best method to boost search engine rankings for your own sites.

You can find out who is linking to them by using backlinkwatch.com. This will return the number of internet sites that are providing backlinks to your competitors. By visiting each of them, you may be able to pick up a good number of quality internet sites that you can also approach and get them to link to you.

Alternatively, you can have someone to find and build these high authority backlinks to your website right away and improve search engine ranking

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