Update 12/26/2009 (with Egg on my Face) Google’s Personalized Search has consequences if you check your own rankings too often. Rather than remove this (mistaken) post I’ll leave it up here as a lesson to those who insist on checking and rechecking their ranking in Google.

Google doesn’t show everyone the same thing. Google’s personalized search will display to you in response to your search query, what it thinks you want… and  part of that is based on the aggregate of your last 180 days of searching. Meaning if you check a given keyword/ keyword phrase too often, and you click on your website (or your competitors link) Google will assume you obviously like that site and it will show that site higher in the serps.


Below is my mistaken conclusion, a post that 3 weeks later I discovered I was wrong


Google Local Business Listings which is Googlemaps underneath is apparently removing SEO companies from the search results.

I don’t yet know if this is a nationwide change in the Googlemaps algorithim, Google is said to roll out changes incrementally in some markets (some data centers) to test in order to determine if they want to keep a change or drop it.

SEO companies have been learning how to improve the ranking of Googlemaps listings, and Google has been penalizing SEO firms for keyword stuffing and other methods of improving the ranking in the local business listings.

If you search in Maryland for the keyword phrases:

  • search engine optimization
  • internet advertising
  • internet marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • No More Googlemaps Listings For SEO Firms
    Now I’m searching from a Frederick Maryland IP address so as of this post I’m not sure if the Google results returned from a searcher searching from another state outside of Maryland. Google is known to display slightly different results to searchers searching in a given geographical area as opposed to searchers searching from elsewhere.

    Improve ranking in Google Local Business Listings

    Frederick Web Promotions

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    Internet Advertising is not Internet Marketing.

    Because advertising is only a small part of marketing. When you speak of Internet advertising or marketing what you’re talking about ultimately boils down to search engine marketing.You can build a site, be it an amateurish or glitzy professional site…
    How are you going to get people to go there to see it?

    Just because you had a site built there are only 2 ways to get people to visit it: Conventional Offline Advertising OR manage to get the search engines to list your site…

    You’re assuming a lot: The search engines are not obligated to list you at all and it’s there show, they will list you where they think your site deserves to be listed.

    Advertise all you want but if you are not listed, PROMINENTLY where people are actively searching, no one is likely to find your site and it won’t make much difference if your site is professionally crafted with Shakespearean prose of amateurish and clumsy… it just wont matter.

    Web design geeks often tell you your site is listed if you can type your company name in and it shows up in Google. I hate to rain on your parade but the customers you’re after:

    A don’t know your company name
    B don’t care what your company name is
    C they just want What they want
    D… they want it near where they are.

    Advertising and marketing are very different things. There are many ways to market your business, and advertising is only one way to do it. In fact, advertising is often the most expensive way to market your business. If you think advertising is the same thing as marketing, you have just limited yourself to only using the most expensive way to market your business. There are lots of ways to market your business that are cheaper than advertising, and often times more effective.

    Marketing is how customers perceive your business. This perception is influenced by the advertising materials you send out, but it’s much more than that. How customers perceive you is also influenced by how courteous your employees are, how they answer the phone, how clean or messy your store is, how quickly you respond to customers’ concerns, the quality of the work you do for your customers…Everything that affects the customers’ perception of you is marketing.

    As you can see, advertising is only one component of marketing. Successful advertising brings customers to your door, but whether customers stay with you is another matter. You can make big claims in your advertising and bring lots of customers to your door, but if you cannot service them well, your marketing is not successful.

    I cannot emphasize enough that marketing is a lot more than advertising or selling. I am not saying advertising is not important. Advertising is one important way to attract new customers

    We Have No Competition- a very bold claim

    Frederick Web Promotions is the ONLY search engine marketing firm in Maryland?

    no of course not.
    But we ARE the


    not one but MULTIPLE listings for YOUR business in the top ten… or your money back!

    Go ahead, we encourage you to look over our *competition*! See what they offer… then see how much they want for that, you’ll be back.

    Here’s an excerpt from one of them:
    Search engines are a great marketing tool. Nearly 80% of traffic to the average site comes from search engines. 30 million visitors enter queries in Google.com every day. Anyone arriving at your site through a search engine is looking for a particular product or service and thus is a potential client. There are three major players in the search engine market: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live. Each has a unique site positioning algorithm that analyzes and sorts the results by specific order.

    When someone types a specific query in the search engine and your site appears in the results for that query, there is much greater probability that he will click on your site. Most searchers don’t browse beyond the third page. Recent research has shown that most of users, if they click, will click on one of the first seven listings in a search engine.

    As a site owner, your target is to get into the top 30 results for specific queries. The higher your position in the search engine result pages, the more traffic you will get. You may have invested in professional and beautifully designed site, but if it is not ranked high on search engines, you are losing potential clients to competitors that have a higher ranking.

    Go ahead… look, inquire, call them up, get a quote. How many listings do they get on a single Google page or Yahoo page? One?

    Google Maryland Search Engine Optimization
    Search Yahoo for Maryland Search Engine Optimization