We Have No Competition- a very bold claim

Frederick Web Promotions is the ONLY search engine marketing firm in Maryland?

no of course not.
But we ARE the


not one but MULTIPLE listings for YOUR business in the top ten… or your money back!

Go ahead, we encourage you to look over our *competition*! See what they offer… then see how much they want for that, you’ll be back.

Here’s an excerpt from one of them:
Search engines are a great marketing tool. Nearly 80% of traffic to the average site comes from search engines. 30 million visitors enter queries in Google.com every day. Anyone arriving at your site through a search engine is looking for a particular product or service and thus is a potential client. There are three major players in the search engine market: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live. Each has a unique site positioning algorithm that analyzes and sorts the results by specific order.

When someone types a specific query in the search engine and your site appears in the results for that query, there is much greater probability that he will click on your site. Most searchers don’t browse beyond the third page. Recent research has shown that most of users, if they click, will click on one of the first seven listings in a search engine.

As a site owner, your target is to get into the top 30 results for specific queries. The higher your position in the search engine result pages, the more traffic you will get. You may have invested in professional and beautifully designed site, but if it is not ranked high on search engines, you are losing potential clients to competitors that have a higher ranking.

Go ahead… look, inquire, call them up, get a quote. How many listings do they get on a single Google page or Yahoo page? One?

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Frederick Web Promotions IS Maryland Internet Advertising
Frederick Web Promotions can get your company or corporate website to rank in the top ten Google search engine results pages for the keywords you want to be found under Guaranteed.

Every Internet Advertising campaign that does NOT include an effective offline advertising campaign with it is ineffective. How do you intend to drive prospective customers to your website? Google? What if you’re company isn’t positioned at the top of Google? What then?

What you want to do is have your prospects see your Maryland Internet Advertising everywhere.. OFF LINE. In a bill board, in the newspaper (we can do that as well, our press releases get our clients in the Frederick News Post on the front page A1), your company website should be listed:

  • On your cash register receipts
  • On your business cards
  • On your letter heads
  • On your company vehicle signage
  • On the post cards you send out
  • On each email you send out
  • On the road side signs you put on the median strip

Our Resume? Google this: Local Google Advertising Number 1 Worldwide

  • Not only in Frederick
  • Not only in Maryland
  • Not only in the United States
  • Number 6 Worldwide