Check your rankings often?

If you’re not paying attention you’ll get a very false sense of security.

News Bulletin: Google Doesn’t Show Everybody The Same Results!

It shows you what it thinks you want to see… Google’s Personalized Search is a game changer.

Google’s (and Broadcast Television’s) Advertiser Supported Business Model

For some time now (several years) Google records what your search habits are in an effort to be a more effective advertiser. It needs to learn something about you in order to know which advertisements you’re more likely to purchase from. Until recently Google only tracked you while you were logged in to your Google account (logged into Gmail and you’re logged into everything else Google, Gmail is to Google what your social security # is to Big Brother)

What are the implications for SEO?

If you have a commercial website and you’re concerned at where your company website ranks… and you search for your website often Google will NOT show you what your prospective customers see, Google will show you what it thinks you want to see.

You’ve inadvertently trained Google to display your website, artificially higher than it “really” is, and you did it to yourself.

Implications for Do It YouSelf SEOers are… well, plentiful.

You are more likely to (mistakenly) tell a SEO company, no thanks, don’t need you, am doing just fine by myself.

… and you’re not, but you don’t know that.

If you are an SEO and you check the rankings often so in a desperate attempt to have something in the way of vastly improved ranking results to show your new (nervous) SEO client…

all new SEO clients are nervous, they either don’t really understand what they’re paying you for OR they’ve done a lot themselves and just came to the conclusion it is productive to outsource this  to a professional… those clients are REALLY skeptical to see what it is they’re paying you for.

… Google is going to display what IT thinks you want to see, NOT what everyone else sees.

Moral of this story?

Since this is a “feeder blog” (aka supporting blog) and not my main blog I’m not going to tell you as much here as I do on but this much I am willing to share (for free, I am NOT in business to give away all my secrets for free):

Do NOT check your rankings from the same computer you promote from.

Do NOT cheat, game the system, practice Black Hat SEO, or even Grey Hat SEO From the same computer you check your ranking on.

Go to the Library to check what the rest of the world sees.

… this way you may not embarrass yourself the way I did right here on this blog

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